Dan and Marys Internet Tryst

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Dan and Marys Internet Tryst

Dan had longed for something to replace the he had with Gloria since she left him three months ago." He resorted to looking for women online to replace the void he had...or rather looking for a void to fill of his own." One lucky night, he met Mary while being so blunt as to tell any girl he met that all he was looking for was some holiday ass with no commitment." Finally, he found Mary who was looking for the same thing." They chatted online a few times talking of what they would do to each other if they ever met (which they both secretly thought would never happen but hoped it would)." Out of the blue, Dan asked Mary if she wanted to meet and "go from there" over the upcoming three-day weekend." She agreed, and they exchanged identifying qualities of themselves to each other so they could be noticed by the other (since they had not exchanged photos of themselves over the Net).

Dan was at the restaurant first, waiting until he saw Mary show up in her silver Sunfire like she had informed him she would." Contrary to most dates Dan had had with women, Mary was actually 10 minutes early; guess she was looking forward to this little tryst as much as he was." They exited their cars at the same time, with big smiles on their faces." They had never seen each other before--they only had descriptions to go from." A word description didn't paint near as pretty a picture as Mary's glowing face in that parking lot." She was 5'8" with short, cropped, straight light brown hair." She had on dark-framed glasses with oval lenses (which Dan later found out were only for character effect) that partly hid her dazzling green eyes." She wore a 3/4 length white button-up shirt that was unbuttoned down to the third button, just leaving enough to the imagination." She had a very complimentary, dark polyester skirt that came half-way up her thigh." She was wearing 2" heels that accentuated her muscular calves, which were very smooth and tan." Dan stood 6'1" and weighed a healthy 180 pounds. He had short, wavy black hair and a dark complexion that made his brown eyes seem even sexier than they would otherwise. He was wearing a dark red turtle-neck sweater with a navy stripe across the chest, with a pair of loose fit Levis over a pair of clean, yet rough brown boots.

"Nice to finally meet you, Mary." You look absolutely stunning."" "Thank you," she replied." "You look very handsome with your Abercrombie & Fitch look going on."" "Shall we?" he asked, as he opened the door for her.

Dan asked the hostess if it was possible if they could get a booth (he wanted some privacy on their first date, so he wouldn't get distracted of his goal by the passing waitresses and their very tight jeans)." The hostess obliged him and seated them in a booth that overlooked the nearby lake with the setting sun on the horizon.
Dan ordered a chicken dish and a Margarita, and Mary ordered a hearty salad and a Strawberry Daiquiri." They both agreed that a little alcohol might keep their inhibitions low and chase away their nervousness." Although he didn't tell her, Dan also preferred a good Margarita on nights he knew he was going to get lucky because it made him much more frisky xnxxv sunny leone video than just a couple of beers would.

After some small-talk and eating, Dan broached the subject and asked where Mary was going after they left the restaurant." "Home, I guess." Why?" she asked." "Mind if I come....with you?" he responded." A smile crept across Mary's face as she asked, "are you going to show me tonight what you've been promising all these weeks behind the privacy of the Internet?"" Dan grinned and said, "maybe....check, please" as he signaled for the hostess.
Dan followed Mary back to her apartment, where her roommate was out of town at her fiancee's house." He thought he might have a hard time following her through the early evening traffic, but it thinned out once they hit the highway, where, surprisingly, Mary started speeding in excess of 75mph." Although Dan would have rather ridden in the same car with her, he was getting excited just following this wild girl on the highway and eventually through the backroads to her apartment." He couldn't wait to get his hands on her incredible body...and for her to get her hands on his.

Dan jumped out of his car once he had the lights and engine turned off, trying not to look too anxious, but when he caught sight of Mary, she already had her key in her door and was turning her head towards him with a little bad-girl smile." He walked across the parking spaces to her door and followed her in....locking the door behind him.

They didn't waste any time." She dropped her keys on the table next to the sofa and put her purse on the Lazy-Boy, as she continued walking to the back of the apartment where her room was--without missing a step." Dan just blindly followed her, while his heart began to quicken and his loins began to stiffen." With her roommate gone, there was real forced anal against her will no need to worry about closing the bedroom door behind him. As soon as Mary reached the edge of the bed, she turned around to find Dan reaching out to put his right hand softly around the back of her neck to pull her lips to his." They kissed softly at first, but then he started sucking on her delicious lips." She didn't seemed to mind, as she let out a low moan and put her hands up to his face to cradle it." His sucking turned into a little nibbling, as his left hand reached around her back and pulled her body close to his to feel his quickening hardness." Her lips were temporarily pulled from his as a smile spread across her face and her eyes opened to see the twinkle in his baby brown eyes.

They continued kissing, as Dan slipped his right hand up to feel her left breast through her tight shirt." He liked what he had seen at the restaurant, but wasn't prepared for the involuntary hardening he experienced when he felt a hint of an erect nipple through her shirt and bra." Then he let out a low moan of his own." He slid his hands down her sides and then started unbuttoning her remaining four buttons on her blouse, exposing her red-laced bra that held her 34D, firm, tanned breasts wonderfully in place." He slid her shirt off and dropped it to the floor.

Mary pulled her pouty lips from his and put her face next to his and nibbled on his right earlobe." At the same time, she reached down with her right hand and unzipped his pants." They knew this would be an incredible experience, but wanted it to last as long as possible." They didn't want to go slow, but half the excitement was the competing teasing they did to each other." As Dan once again pulled her lovely body into his with his left hand, his right hand came up to trace her breast through her sexy bra." She moaned again and stuck her tongue ever-so-gently into his ear." With that cue, he removed her bra and threw it across the room." With his sudden rush of energy, she matched him by raising his sweater over his head and pitching it in the same corner of the room he had just thrown her bra." Symbolically, his sweater was on top of her lace bra, as he would soon be on top of her.