Our First Together

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Our First Together

Im kissing you running my fingers over your body getting to know the feel of you. You break the kiss to take my shirt and bra off then your own. I run my hands down your chest to unfasten your pants. I quickly pull your pants and /underwear/">underwear down and you step out of them. You reach to take off my pants but I stop you. Smiling wickedly I push you towards the bed. Pushing you down until you are lying flat on your back. 

I then proceed to straddle you leaning forward so that my breasts are dangling in front of your face. You raise up catching one nipple between your teeth gently tugging making me groan. I am already wet and this is just making me hotter. I let you suck on my nipples for just a little bit, but I cant take anymore. I stand up and quickly rid myself of my pants and panties. I stick my hands between my legs and insert a finger feeling how wet I am. Bringing the finger to my mouth I suck off my juices just as if I were sucking your cock. I then ease back onto the bed, but this time it is your face I straddle. I am already so turned on that with just the first few flicks of your tongue I cum. You wait a minute for me torecover then begin to lick me again. You stick your tongue inside my pussy moving it in and out tasting me. You lick your way up to my clit circling it with your tongue. My hips begin to rock back andforth gently. Reaching up I take a breast in each hand and begin to play with my nipples. Your tongue on my pussy is driving me wild and I begin to ride your face faster. I can feel an orgasm coming so I grab hold to the head board throw my head back and scream. You grab hold to my hips not letting me move, not letting my orgasm end as you begin to suck on my clit, I keep cumming until you finally let go of my hips and I move off you. 

I lay my head on your chest for a minute catching my breath. Then I look up and I can see my juices still on your face. I raise upand begin to lick my cum off your face and lips. I then tell you that I want to fuck you NOW! I straddle you and slowly ease myself down on you dick. Feeling my pussy stretching toaccommodate you. I sit still a moment getting used to the size of you then I begin to ride you. SLowly at first then alain lyle porn increasing the pace. You reach up to grasp my hips and I tell you no just sit back and watch. I slip my hand down and begin to play with my clit, still riding you HARD! The other hand I use to brace myself.. im riding you as hard as I can and working hard on my clit. I /hard/cum-hard/">cum hard, my pussy squeezing you dick. But I dont stop I keep riding you until you tell me you are about to cum. I quickly slip off you and slide your dick deep in my mouth. Reaching down with one hand to massage your balls. then you /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth and god the taste I love it tasting your cum mixed with mine that is still on your cock. I suck every last drop of cum out of you running my tongue down to lick the cum off you balls. I then collapse beside you. Both of us exhausted. I look up at you and smile. WE both drift off to sleep.

I wake feeling something /tickling/">tickling my ear. It takes me a minute to realize its you nibbling on my earlobe. I can feel that you are already hard. I turn on my back and you beging kissing me, thrusting your tongue in my mouth. You trail kisses along my jaw. Down my kneck sending goosebumps all over me. You beging to kiss one of my breasts, your tongue flick over my nipple. You cup my other breast in your palm rubbing your thumb over the nipple. YOu take my nipple into your mouth sucking, gently biting, then soothing the bite with your tongue. I moan holding your head to me. I can feel myself getting wet. You slowly move to the other breast and take it into your mouth doing the same for it. You begin to trail kisses downward until you reach the top of my pussy I hold my breath waiting to feel your tongue touch me there. But you deny me as you move your mouth to my thigh. HEaring my groan of dissapointment you chuckle, as you make your way down my legtrailing your tongue all the way down. Coming back up the other leg. Your tongue snakes out to lick the crease on the inside of my thigh...avoiding my pussy deliberately.. Instictively I begin tot hrust my hips upwards, seeking your tongue where I want it. Stilll you avoid me, not letting me have what I so desperately want

I begin to whimper, "please?" I whisper.
YOu raise your head to look at me "please what?" I say nothing just raise my hips towards your mouth. YOu take your hands and hold my hipd to the bed. "Tina, what is it you want?" I still dont answer just moan in frusturation. You look up at me and say "if you want it you have to tell me."
I moan again, embarassed but so desperately wanting to feel your tongue on me. I finally come out and say "I want you to lick me....I want you to make me cum with your mouth."

You smile up at me. Leaning your head down you let your tongue lightly graze the lips of my pussy. I jer and moan as you continue to lick. Letting your tongue slip inside my lips you lick the entire length of my pussy. YOu take my legs and place them over your shoulders. Licking me you slip your tongue inside me, flicking it around. I moan and thrust upward. My breath is coming harder now. Ypu slip your tongue out of me making your way up to my clit you begin to flick your tongue over it making me moan even more. I take my legs off your shoulder spreading them wide, giving you better access. YOur tingue making circles around my clit. You very very gently nip my clit with your teeth making me jump and moan, it feels sooo good. You once again begon to lick my clit, easing a finger inside of me, and then another. Im moaning louder now You begin to move your fingers in and out slowly at first ehn faster as your tongue works my clit. I can feel how close I am to cumming. Instictively I begin to move my hips raising them up sending your fingers deeper inside of me. Oh god your tongue feels so good. I know it wont be long now, you can sense it too, how close I am to cumming. I begin to tense up 

"Ohhh Im gonna cum," I tell you reacing down holding your head as I thrust my hips up, I cum. You ease up on my clit as my moans subside and very quickly enter me. You beging to thrust your cok into me soo slowly its agonizing. I try to speed you up by moving my indian santali xvideo hips....its not gentlenes I want...I want to be fucked hard! You sens this and beging to pick up the pace. My breath is very ragged now. You lean down and kiss me letting me taste myself on your lips and that is all it takes to send me over the edge again and I cum your mouth muffling my moans, you ease off the thrusting until you are barely moving inside of me giving me a chance to recover. 

You ease out of me telling me to turn over. I do getting on all fours. I love it doggie style. You begin to thrust into me. Thrusting in and out I can feel you so deep inside of me. You slap first one cheek of my ass and then the other hearing my groan of pleasure you r continue to alternate slapping each ass cheek the pleasure/pain of it making me moan. I begin to thrust my hips back to meet you, causing you to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder. You reach around and begin rubbing my clit. Thats all it takes and I cum again my pussy squeezing your cock as I cum. I want you to cum too so /bad/">bad. I reach between my legs and find your balls. I begin to massage them carefully while you are still thrusting in and out. I can hear your breathing getting harder so I increase the pressure on your balls. You beging ramming me as hard as you can I have to let go of your balls nedding both hands to hold myself up. It dosnt matter though I know you are about to cum. Suddenly you tense up and groan as you cum. You bury your cock deep inside of me as you orgasm. Staying there until you are finished. You collapse on the bed exhausted. Your breathing still erratic.