Hollys first time

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Hollys first time

She was the finest girl in my highschool and I was just an average boy, did ok in tests but mainly kept my head down and got on with it.

Holly was smart and talkative and extremely popular and usually went out with boys that were a few years above ours or the most popular boys in our year. How I would I ever get a chance with her? Well I could answer that question myself. It was IMPOSSIBLE!!!

It was mid Tuesday morning in my science lab. I lifted my head off the desk as my /teacher/">teacher droned on about something worthless as normal. I looked towards the back of the room to look at the girl of my dreams only to find her staring back at me with her head on her arms. I was shocked and looked down at the floor to make it look like I wasn?t perving. A few minutes later I looked up and found that she was still staring. 

My dick rose in my pants as she calmly watched me over her /gorgeous/">gorgeous tanned arms. The bell rang and every1 clattered about gathering their belongings. As I had been half asleep I was one of the last out of the room. Holly slowly walked past me and dropped a note next to my bag and walked out of the room without stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv looking back.

I was shocked and opened the note with shaking hands, it read: Hi Ive always liked you butIve always been too shy to mention anything. If you want you can text me on my mobile. I had her number!! I couldn?t believe it.

Later that night I texted her and confirmed that it was her and she did really like me. We then made plans to meet on Friday nights in a small playground near the local shops.

The week past quickly and I couldn?t believe this was really going to happen by the way she was texting me I could tell she wanted to go far. On Friday night I left my house walking towards the playground. I arrived a little early just in case but found her already standing there. As I got closer I noticed she was wearing a short skirt?..very short! A blue bra was clearly visible through a low white top. When I reached her she didn?t waste anytime she grabbed my hands and pushed her tongue against mine. It was amazing I had been waiting my whole life for this moment! She stopped and said, ? I?m sorry but ive just always wanted to do that. 

After a moments chatting we moved to a group of bushes where there was some cover and know one would be able to see us from the outside. She lay down and I didn?t hesitate on lying down next to her. We made out for a few more minutes all the time her perfect D cup breasts were pressed against my chest. I rubbed her stomach and slowly worked my up until I reached her bra, which she unclipped, for me and for the /first-time/">first time I felt her /tits/perfect-tits/perfect-round-tits/">perfect round tits. I suddenly noticed that her hands were slowly moving down my pants towards my erect cock. 

She gently played with it before slowly giving me a hand job. She stopped a small while in and pulled my pants fully down as I helped her out of white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie her skirt. Her perfect /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass was tanned as well and she slowly slipped out of her blue-laced /thong/">thong. My fingers slowly slipped in and out of her dripping pussy. She started moaning and shouted, ?Eat me baby.? I didn?t hesitate I licked slowly down her stomach until I reached her clit which I licked at gently taking all her juices into my mouth. 

Wow she tasted so good. I looked down, pre-cum was building on my dick and she put her mouth over my cock and licked it all up. She came and her juices were flowing into my mouth and all down my face. I was almost doing the same but she stopped and opened her legs saying, ?Do me.? I slowly slid my erect 8-inch cock deep into her. 

She moaned with pleasure as I went harder and faster. She came again and her cum dripped down my cock but I kept fucking her harder and faster until I was almost ready to blow my load.

I pulled out my dick and sprayed my cum into her mouth. She swallowed it all and licked all of the rest off the end of my dick. 

We looked at eachother and I knew something special had started that night.