Last day at school

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Last day at school

Every boy has had a thing for a /teacher/">teacher. It's a part of growing up. High School is, after all, where we spend most of our developing years. We start noticing breasts and other curves. I was in highschool then. There was this hag of a woman that the whole class used to hate. She was in her mid thirties, tall and very skinny - not much to look at. She did have pretty eyes and nice black, straight hair, and after two kids, wide hips. We'd make fun of her in class, talk behind her back and all that teenage stuff. I'm not sure about the rest of the guys, but I've always had a massive hardon for her.

It was late jun, all classroom windows were open. I loved hot summer days at school. Cleavage, legs, trampy clothes.. What more can a highschool student want? It was the end of the school year, and I had a lot of catching up to do. If I fucked it up and flunked, I'd be in big trouble. I'd stay in classroom after everyone had gone home and do my work. She'd occasionally pop in to see how I'm doing, and to tell me when I needed to leave the classroom.

One friday afternoon, I was finishing my final project, alone. She walked in, fanning herself with a small stack of paper. By my standards, this woman was ugly. But her hair was absolutely /gorgeous/">gorgeous. It was just above shoulders, and as straight as thousands of perfect black lines descending from the top of her head. Seeing it wave in the wind stirred me up. She wore a mini skirt with black stockings, and a revealing top. Revealing to an extent; her breasts were tiny. She smiled a 5 o'clock smile, and half-dragged towards my table. 

She liked to sit, or lean on it. Sometimes I thought she wanted us to watch her pose. This time she sat and threw one leg over the other. I almost caught a glimpse of her underwear, and that multiplied by the feeling of having all of my work finished, caused a lot of excitement in me. I tried to keep it cool. She went on and on about how hard I worked, and how I took initiative, and who knows what. I wasn't paying attention, because her long legs were right in my face. She got up and sat next to me, asking me to show her something on the computer. She wasn't even talking, it sounded a lot like moaning. My dick was hard all day from watching skimpy girls walk outside, and this only made it worse. I was absently showing her crap on the computer, while I tried to look at her with the corner of my eye. She had her legs crossed, and had her elbows on her thighs, leaning forward. I could almost see down her shirt. She leaned back, and spread her legs, fanning her face with paper. I heard her gasp. 

Then I saw my hand on her thigh. I swallowed and sat there, /scared/">scared shitless. She looked confused. Her facial expression surpassed dumb. Then I saw a smile begin to form at the corner of her mouth. I started to rub her thigh, going higher. The higher I old waman xxxgx went, the hotter her leg got. She was breathing heavily. Suddenly she got up and told me to come with her. I cold-shut down the computer, grabbed my bag and rushed after her. She went into the teachers office, took her stuff and we went towards the garage. I asked where we were going, but she just kept breathing heavily. We got into her car, and I noticed baby seats in the back. I wondered for a split second if I should be doing this. Then I remembered my dick could explode with cum any second.. This was one of the best moments in my life. Fuck ethics.She parked the car, and we started walking towards a house. Hers, I guess. She said we have two hours, while nervously unlocking the door. I nodded, terrified. Does she have high expectations? I knew I had no experience at all.. We finally got inside, she threw our bags on the floor, and pulled me to the couch. She then stared at me, panting. It looked so sexy. 

Finally, she grabbed my face and started licking my lips and mouth. At first, I didn't know how to react, but after a few moments, I grabbed her ass and started grinding my crotch against hers. I felt the cum spashing out in my pants. She noticed, and unzipped me. My cock was still hard, and she started licking it clean. I ejaculated more than ever before. There was cum on her tiny chin, her cheaks, her small, lipless mouth.. She was rubbing her pussy over her white panties, under her short skirt. She sat back, and spread her legs, inviting me to return the favour. I kneeled before her sweaty legs, rubbed the panties, and moved them to the side. Her /hairy/hairy-pussy/">hairy pussy was very wet. I licked it, sucked it and bit it. It felt great. She was moaning and grunting. I jerked off as I was licking my teachers tasty pussy. I got on top of her and put my cock in her cunt. After a few thrusts, I came again. I grabbed her legs as I spasmed, then pushed them back and started licking her sweaty feet.

Someone opened the door. She jumped up, and before I could pull my pants up, a tall dark haired man appeared in front of me. He cursed quietly, looking at her, then me, then her.. She was frightened, near tears. He montioned for us to sit down, and we did. The big man stood in front of us, cursing at his wife and me. And as in a porn movie, he stripped his clothes off, revealing a humongous cock. The teacher and I sat surprised. He grabbed her, threw her backwards and started fucking her without mercy. After a few minutes, he took his monster cock out and splashed sperm on her face. He told me to get on top of her. I did. I was looking down at my teachers /cum/red-cum/cum-covered-face/">cum covered face. He pressed my face against hers and ordered me to lick it off. I struggled, but he overpowered me, and I submitted. I tasted our mixed cum. It didn't feel so /bad/">bad.. 

I scooped up more with every lick. Soon, I was sucking it off her face, spitting it back on her, then licking it off again. I felt him spit on my back. He spread it over my /asshole/">asshole, and massaged it. Would he..? He jammed his /dick/huge-dick/">huge dick up my ass so hard, I screamed. He fucked my tight asshole, cursing me for touching his wife, spitting threats. I was in a state of constant orgasm. After good assfucking, he took it out, and I turned around, eager to get a mouth full of sperm. Teacher got up too, and he exploded on our faces. I licked his dick, licked her ugly face, spat on her, kissed her, sucked every drop of cum out of him and we all dropped on the bed, exhausted.

They made me promise I'd come back, when I was leaving. I'd make bokep sma pecah perawan sure to keep that promise.