Im not Gay

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Im not Gay

 After our weekend I didn`t see John for at least two weeks and due to his job i couldn`t contact him,lots of left messages but no response but that was to change!

My wife Dee was away visiting Her family and I was relaxing in front of the computer,with a beer,when the doorbell rang,much to my pleasant supprise It xxx was John armed with a 24 tins of lager " as a peace offering" for not contacting sooner.I must confess as he stood in the hall way in his close fitting bike leathers,that strange confusing feeling oozed across my body as I wished i could help him out of them.
The tins were opened,after about 3 each,the computer was forgotten and i sat along side John on the settee,the combination of his after shave and deoderant merging to bring back memories of THAT weekend.He rose to visit the mens room,turned back to me and asked if I had been with any other males,I truthfully answed No,with this He left the room. 2 or 3 minutes later he was back, this time with a cheeky grin,a
temting bulge in his tight fitting eans,the zip of which was open to show the white fronts of the G string briefs he wore That night.
He sat beside me rubbing my thighs,looked me in the eye and said " im not gay I just /love/love-sex/">love sex how about you?".....I replied by placing my hand in his open fly rubbing his hardening prick and said "MMM..

Me Too! What next? his reply was to unzip my fly and rub my now rising

we sat like that for a minute or two then I reached for his waist band ,undid the popper,eased his jeans over hips and procceded to suck his helmet through the silky white /thong/">thong, his hips rithed and his breath came hoarse and heavy,"steady" he sighed "I want to last".
He pulled my head from his lap and fumbled with my waistband,pulling my trousers and briefs off in one move,"Now I can try sucking" he whisperd and ducked his head to my crutch,It was my turn to gasp as his warm,soft,mouth engulfed my cock head,his tongue smoothly sliding
round my helmet and then gently sucking ,It didnt take long for the spunk to rise so I pushed him off rolled him to the floor and in a restling match we removed each others last i was re warded by the sight of that smooth /athletic/">athletic body layin naked in front of me his erect 7 inch long, 3 inch round penis bobbing with each breath,a nest of soft black pubic hair at its base,He rolled onto his front presenting his ,smooth but furry butt towards me." try shagging my arse"! he said,I hesitated,he said It again
" We`ll want lube" I replied," Came prepared",he grinned and produced a tube of K Y gell as if by magic.
I pumped half the tube round his puked arse hole the coated my prick with the other half and with a warning "Hear we go"!! pushed my penis
into that tight warm ring of his anus......

It was tight at first,John took in a sharp rush of breath,a small push and for the /first-time/">first time( not the last)I was up to my balls in johns back passage!!I eased back,he begged me to push in again, this I did rocking at least 3 inches of penis back and forth in his arse. his breathing changed.he push up unto all fours with the porn videos download command "Wank Me!!"I reached round and pumped his throbing penis as I increased my thrusts,we shouted together "Im coming!" and as my prick exploded with a gush of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum his cum burst in to my clenched fist .
I pulled out, John collapsed to the floor,he rolled over,his spunk draining down to that black pubic mat. "Im not gay " he said give me a chance and I`ll fuck Dee and you in the same evening".
as I got my breath back the thought stirred a new line of thought,now to see if Dee will agree.......

She did but thats another story...